15.12.2021: HOTZYMES Stakeholder Webinar

Join us at the HOTZYMES Stakeholder Webinar:
Enzymatic cascades in well-coordinated one-pot systems

The enzymatic production of chemical compounds for different industrial applications allows a more efficient and less energy-intense process, compared to chemical synthesis. Bringing several biocatalytic steps into a cascadic reaction in one-pot offers a clear benefit in terms of time efficiency, resources and yields because processing steps can be significantly reduced. So far, biocatalytic cascade reactions turned out to be challenging, because each enzyme has its specific requirements in terms of environmental conditions in the bioreactor (e.g. temperature optima). The H2020 FETOPEN project HOTZYMES works on an innovative concept to overcome this barrier. By coupling enzymes with magnetic nanoparticles, temperature conditions can be adjusted locally and therefore, create the optimum environment for each enzyme participating on the cascade of interest. The application of an alternate magnetic field (AMF) in the bioreactor allows to control the local heating process remotely.

In this webinar, we want to show the suitability of magnetic nanoparticles for biocatalytic cascades and present our development steps of an AMF bioreactor. Furthermore, we will comment on application fields of this novel and groundbreaking technology.

You are also working on biocatalytic cascade reactions and look for good solutions to meet your challenges? You are planning to use magnetic nanoparticles for bioapplications or also have experiences with AMF bioreactors? We cordially invite you to join our discussion about the future of enzymatic cascades in well-coordinated one-pot systems.

18th January 2022, 2:00 – 3:30 pm (CET)
ONLINE – Registration link for Zoom


  • HOTZYMES at a glance: Introduction to project concepts & objectives (Valeria Grazú, HOTZYMES coordinator, CSIC)
  • Magnetic nanoparticles as a tool for biocatalytic cascades (Puerto Morales, CSIC)
  • Development of an AMF bioreactor (Nico Cassinelli, nB nanoscale Biomagnetics)
  • Application fields of HOTZYMES: sucrose conversion and TIHQ production (Valeria Grazú, HOTZYMES coordinator, CSIC)
  • The value of the technology and replication potential from an external perspective (Pablo Dominguez, CSO and CEO of Sustainable Momentum, External Advisory Board Member of HOTZYMES)
  • Q/A session
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